benjamin w kiesewetter


Retro Futurismus

Art Retrograde


For years I have been working on a style that needs some words of explanation - Wood, Retro, Vintage, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Empire, 1900 ...

I came up with my first Ideas a beeing fed up by the industrial designs of the last decades. I wanted to get rid of all the plastics made things and to revive the designs before the german Bauhaus. Today i find that romantic and naive. That's not bad.

German design is like german arts strongly influenced by the two world wars and the possibility of a cruel dictatorship in a country of humanists. Therefor it has been sincere and possibly overly intellectuall. Without neglecting the neecessity of that, creations may be playfull as well. Playing is important.

the 21st century itself is full of kultural reviews. Vintage is hip. Maybe it's the longing for one's roots in a globalized world, maybe we are searching for truth in the ocean of information. The beautyfull about it is, we can pick from all the culturall heritage of the past and kombine from it. To me Steampunk, if we want to call it like that, does mean to glue gears to some wood. To me it means exploration and experiment - to play.

Furthermore daily used objects may do good to their users. Esthetic, fantasy and wood help with that.


The Prestige by Christopher Nolan and a number of films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet(Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain),such as La cité des enfants perdus or the first cinematic interpretaition of Dune (1984) by David Lynch.

Wooden PC Keyboards
Wood PC keyboard Kiesewetter N°2
Stage Design
Steampunk Device / Mashine made for In Legend
Noviquitaeten are unique items that might be called steampunk keyboards and steampunk PC Screens made of wood. Though this is not a german steampunkworkshop for the idea was originaly to design a wood PC.