benjamin w kiesewetter

Wood PC


Set Design

Steampunk & the wooden PC

State of the art consumer products clad in the styles of around 1900. Under the name of Noviquitaeten (could be translated as Noviques) I design and build PC Keyboards and Screens made of classic materials such as woods, brass Glas, textiles and Leather instead of plastics. Going further I wanted to give them back the beautyfull and honest looks of technology from before the mass industrialisation. So I borow from Stiles of the late 19th and early 20th century like Art Déco, Art Nuveau and Empire. (Steampunk /Art Rétro/Retro Futurismus)

I produce limited-lot Editions and inividual items and take assignments additionally as stage designer. (Portfolio)

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Wood PC Keyboards
Wood PC keyboard Kiesewetter N°2
Set Design
Steampunk Device / Mashine made for In Legend
Noviquitaeten are unique items that might be called steampunk keyboards and steampunk PC Screens made of wood. Though this is not a german steampunkworkshop for the idea was originaly to design a wood PC.